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How I Prevent Lower Back Pain

I used to laugh at everyone who complained about lower back pain. When Sammy Sosa went on the injured reserve list for the Chicago Cubs after sneezing, I legitimately laughed.

Now that I’ve reached middle age, the craving for a Corvette comes with a persistent issue with lower back pain. Even when I stretch or stay active, I typically wake up in the morning with stiff muscles.

By the time the moon rises, that stiffness transforms into plenty of discomfort.

If you’re pushing 40 (or 50, or 60!) and deal with persistent lower back pain, I’d recommend trying the following steps. They’ve helped me gain more control over my discomfort.

Tips for Preventing or Limiting Lower Back Pain

1. Start with the proper foundation.

I stock my cabinet with everything I need to control pain and discomfort. That means some ibuprofen is in there, a bottle of acetaminophen, and some of my favorite holistic items. I love using Boiron and Pharmax products to stay comfortable throughout the day.

2. Keep moving.

I know it’s tempting to do nothing when your lower back hurts. If you can get up and move with some light activities, everything starts to feel better. I like doing a Jane Fonda workout tape a couple of times per week to keep things working right – don’t judge! It works!

3. Get some stretching done.

When I’m getting the morning news with some coffee, I like to stretch my back on the floor. Although tai chi, Pilates, or yoga are excellent choices, I do a simple fingers and toes lengthwise stretch that helps everything to loosen nicely.

4. Maintain good posture.

I can feel the discomfort in my lower back after a long day in front of the computer. Although a seat cushion from Purple helps tremendously, it’s even better when I maintain good sitting posture.

I also try to maintain a healthy weight. Even if you only lose 5% of what you’ve got if your BMI is over 30, you’ll reduce the mechanical forces that work against your spine.